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PaceZero Capital Partners provides ResolvMD with $2 million in growth financing

TORONTO, Aug. 21, 2023 /CNW/ - PaceZero Capital Partners Ltd. ("PaceZero") announced today that it has provided $2 million in growth financing to ResolvMD Inc. ("ResolvMD"), a Calgary-based digital medical billing platform that automates and optimizes administrative processes for physicians. ResolvMD will use the funds to invest in product development and execute on a series of growth opportunities across Alberta.

"There remains a reliance on paper and pencil processes in the medical billing industry across Canada," said Jordan Peckham, CEO, PaceZero. "ResolvMD allows physicians to spend more time with patients and less time on administration. We are very excited to be partnering with Patrick and the team."

Founded in 2019, ResolvMD is simplifying and streamlining the medical billing process for physicians, providing full-service billing management, claim submission software, and a cloud-based insights platform. When physicians use ResolvMD, they gain access to real-time systems that help to simplify billing complexities, accelerate payments and increase patient-focused activity.

"We're excited to partner with PaceZero to accelerate our mission to bring more value, transparency and efficiency to medical billing," said Patrick Onyekweli, CEO, ResolvMD. "ResolvMD was created to give physicians more confidence and trust in how they are compensated for the critical work they do. We focus on pairing exceptional service with cutting-edge products that the industry has long needed. Our view is that we are just getting started with what we can do to create a true value-add financial service for physicians in Canada and beyond."

About PaceZero Capital Partners Ltd. PaceZero Capital Partners is an independent sustainability-focused private debt firm, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. PaceZero executes credit investments in established, high-growth companies developing innovative technologies that drive improved social and environmental outcomes. The company provides flexible capital that falls between traditional growth equity and commercial debt.

About ResolvMD Inc. ResolvMD is a Calgary-based digital health company focused on automating and optimizing medical billing. The company uses integrated billing software and services to deliver on four key benefits: (1) creating significant time savings for physicians and administrators, (2) solving for under-billing to ensure full value for services, (3) reducing deficiencies and associated overhead expenses, and (4) minimizing audit risk.

Source: Yahoo Finance


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