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About PaceZero

Established in 2021, PaceZero Capital Partners is a sustainability-focused private credit firm investing in companies and technologies delivering positive social and environmental outcomes. 

We make market-based investments primarily into private corporate borrowers, providing flexible capital that falls between traditional growth equity and commercial debt. PaceZero facilities are typically structured as senior secured or secured subordinated, delayed draw term loans, often including equity-linked participation.

We integrate sustainability into our sourcing and due diligence process and hold ourselves to the standard of delivering investors attractive risk-adjusted sustainability-aligned returns.



Value Proposition

We combine a holistic underwriting approach with a streamlined approval process, offering expertise, relationships, and capital that businesses need to grow. We value relationships and build trust with clients to establish productive long-term partnerships. 

  • Efficient underwriting

  • Creative structuring

  • Differentiated experience 

Sustainable Investing Framework

PaceZero's Sustainable Investing Framework is integral to our thematic investing strategy.

Our proprietary framework focuses on identifying and capturing value-creation opportunities in businesses generating positive social and environmental outcomes.

Our sustainable investment methodology draws from impact investing, leveraging globally recognized frameworks, specifically, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Impact Investing Network's (GIIN) IRIS+ Strategic Goals. These guiding principles shape our analysis, metric selection and reporting standards.

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