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Mountain Range

Structured exposure to the digitization

& decarbonization of the economy for

purpose driven returns. 

Venture Debt Investing

Secured debt + equity-linked warrants limit principal risk while providing upside exposure to high-growth technology companies.


Commonly referred to as “venture debt” lending, we provide select technology companies with secured loans. In exchange, we generate returns from interest and equity linked capital appreciation aligning the fund and our investors with the long term success of the borrower.

Illustrative Investment Structure

Features of Venture Debt

Loan sizes

$1 million to

$5 million


Post-series A;

$10M+ of paid-in or earned-in capital;

$2M+ Revenue or

$1M+ ARR


First or second lien secured loans


Improved economic, environmental and social outcomes

loan structure

1-4 year delayed draw term loans with an initial disbursement and additional disbursements made available when performance conditions are met

Interest & Warrants

Annual interest: 10% to 15%


Warrant participation: 0.5% to 3% of

total equity value

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