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About PaceZero

Established in 2021, PaceZero Capital Partners is a sustainability focused private credit firm that was founded to lead the way in bringing innovative sustainable finance products to previously underserved segments of the market. 

We partner with emerging and established companies, providing venture debt and expertise to support growth-stage firms developing and commercializing innovative technologies that drive improved social and environmental outcomes, as well as sustainability linked credit to middle-market companies with ambitious sustainable growth objectives.

We are a team of entrepreneurial investment professionals; capitalists employing a high sense of urgency in applying our expertise with the aim of playing our part in addressing some of the premier issues of our generation, while providing investors with attractive risk-adjusted, sustainability-aligned returns. 

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Our Beliefs

All hands on deck.

We believe that society is undergoing a transformation, with stakeholders increasingly set on decarbonizing the economy and demanding improved social and environmental outcomes. We also recognize the economic importance of traditional industries with historically hard to abate emissions, and the key role they must play in an economically responsible transition. Significant technical innovation and funding is needed to achieve society's formidable sustainability goals, and private capital must play an important role. 

Our raison d'être

Purpose driven growth.

PaceZero sits at the intersection of competitive free markets and societal demands for improved environmental and social outcomes. We were built to partner with innovative, forward thinking organizations and investors committed to finding the value creation opportunities in building a more sustainable future.


We care deeply about the environment and sustainability. We are uniquely positioned to combine these important issues with our expertise and passion for investing to support sustainable growth while providing investors with attractive risk-adjusted, sustainability-aligned returns.

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Our Approach

We call it Transitionary Finance.

We make market based investments in companies and technologies that are contributing positively to sustainable outcomes. We are building a network of aligned organisations, emerging technologies, and investors in order to accelerate a broad, inclusive, and economically responsible transition to net zero-emissions. 


Our sustainable investing framework focuses on identifying and capturing value creation opportunities, while mitigating risks specific to, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other sustainability factors. Our ambitions have been set based on the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and engagement with PaceZero’s stakeholders.

Our Mission

Investment with impact.

Support North American companies, industries, and technologies in leading the transition to net-zero emissions. Drive broad improvement in environmental and social outcomes. Provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted, sustainability-aligned returns.

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